About Professional Security Services

Since It’s “All in the Family” 

Established in 1982, by Richard J. Casey, Sr. and Jr., Professional Security Services is family-owned and operated. The Casey family has resided in Rhode Island for over seventy years. 

Our family upholds its mission to deliver security services with unparalleled excellence and integrity.

Why Are We Different? 

Our relationship with our employees makes us unique. Our trained supervisory staff works diligently to determine the needs of each individual security officer, and which work environment is most compatible. 

This approach requires time, and a great deal of expertise. The result?  Professional Security Services has established a superior surveillance workforce with a low turnover rate.  

Our success is based on our commitment to personally work with and train each employee. This produces loyalty, trust, and longevity within the ranks of our security staff.

Open Door Policy 

At Professional Security Services, communication with our security staff is on-going. We also encourage customer feedback to further ensure the security staff is an ideal match. This open communication - in all directions - promotes efficient, thorough, uninterrupted security service.

Our customers deserve – and receive – the best.