Educational Institutions

Colleges, universities, grade schools and higher educational institutions have much to consider when it comes to the appropriate security. Youth and child safety, emergency preparedness, transportation safeguards, and protecting your students, staff and facility are just some of the components of a solid security program.

Higher Education Campuses

Urban or rural, a campus community is a city unto itself. Therefore, the appropriate security program requires more than campus police, cameras, and emergency call boxes.  

At Professional Security Services, we provide an integrated approach and a comprehensive knowledge of the threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences of adverse events.

Grade Schools & After School Programs

The K-12 educational environment requires a unique and thoughtful approach to security. From preventing and managing school violence to reducing safety risks, we understand the special dynamics at hand. 

With decades of experience and a demonstrated commitment to education, we are the ideal option for grade schools and after-school programs.